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CrankCase Bicycle Drivetrain Cover and Bike Tote

Simple and Easy to Use
11/15/2012 - CrankCase Review
5 / 5 Stars

I’ve used the Crankcase for two years both in the car and at home. It is portable, durable, and easy to both install and remove. I love its simplicity and the way it protects both my drivetrain and the interiors of my car and my home.

This is one accessory you will not want to travel without
11/04/2012 - CrankCase Review
5 / 5 Stars

I am an avid cyclist that logs about 3000 miles a season.  At times my bike needs to be transported to charity rides, time trials, and triathalons.  Coveryourcranks has saved me on numerous occasions for bike transport.  I am able to easily attach the crank case cover onto the crank, chain, and cassette and transport my bike without the fear of grease getting inside on the upholstery.  This cover is well constructed and very easy to install.  This is a GREAT invention and lifesaver for bike transport!

I love my crankcase cover!
09/25/2012 - CrankCase Review
5 / 5 Stars

The quality is topnotch, it’s a snap to put on and not only is the back of my car safe from chain marks but it protects my drivetrain as well.  Awesome logo too btw.

I love my CrankCase and use it everywhere
06/05/2012 - CrankCase Review
5 / 5 Stars

I use my CrankCase to protect my car, the white painted halls at work, and at home. It’s washable, uncomplicated and rugged which I love. It also makes the perfect affordable gift for all my biking friends, in addition to being a quick conversation starter with cyclists seeing CrankCase for the first time!

It’s great!
08/10/2012 - CrankCase Review
5 / 5 Stars

Whenever I put my Seven in the car on the way to a hill climb race I find it quite easy to protect the bike (and the car) with the CrankCase. 

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