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Cover Your Cranks with the CrankCase Bike Chain Cover!

CrankCase™ is the win-win solution for transporting your bicycle cleanly and safely inside your vehicle. Its flexible design fits all Road, MTB, BMX, Tri Bikes and other standard designs.

CrankCase™ is the industry’s premium bicycle transportation case; CrankCase™ protects your car from grease and chain debris while guarding your cycle’s drivetrain from unwanted dirt, dings and damage. CrankCase™ is constructed of same heavy duty nylon used in the packs of hard core hikers, professional-grade Velcro fasteners and integrated felt padding. There is no need to remove the pedals since the easy-on, easy-off design allows you to pack your cycle quickly and easily before and after riding. CrankCase™ is the original, easiest, most durable, most satisfying way to transport you bicycle cleanly and with ease.

What makes CrankCase stand out from similar bike chain covers?

• Our flexible product design allows for additional pad storage, gloves, socks and more
• It comes with its own high quality storage bag and it rolls into self
• It’s water resistant
• You can toss in into your washing machine for quick cleaning
• CrankCase™ comes with a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee

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